Oct 14, 2019

Trip Length: 3 Hikes
State: NV
Distance: 1.7 mi
Gain: 500 ft
Peaks: 3

Toiyabe National Forest

Hike 1
Hike 2
Hike 3

East Point

1.0 Miles, 350 Gain

6,860 ft
40 ft

I had spent the previous three days hiking in Central Nevada. The final day of the trip was mainly spent driving, but near Reno I made a detour to visit Peavine Peak and several other minor peaks in the area. To reach East Point I took Peavine Road for several miles then turned briefly onto FS-649 before parking on a bluff overlooking the point. I walked down a steep and rough section of road for roughly a half mile before reaching East Point.

South Mountain

0.2 Miles, 50 Gain

8,016 ft
164 ft

Before continuing on to Peavine Peak I made a brief stop at nearby South Mountain. A road travels nearly to the summit. A short walk led to the highpoint near a collection of communication towers.

Peavine Peak

0.5 Miles, 100 Gain

8,266 ft
2,206 ft

I parked on the north side of Peavine Peak in a small pullout, then followed an access road to the summit. There was a group working on one of the communication towers, but they didn’t seem to mind me walking over to the highpoint. From the summit there were good views out to the Reno area and some of the higher peaks on the north side of Lake Tahoe.